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WhipNet Technologies is a new company with a hands on, personal touch to web hosting. Consulting you personally from start to finish.

No cold, automated hosting company who will leave you wondering if there is even a staff, or if they even "understand" what you are saying. Whipnet does not outsource our frontline support to discourage you from calling at all. WhipNet is 100% American, and all servers and employees reside in the US.

Web Site Design from simple static html pages to active flash pages

Come Join our Family and see the difference… Join the Whipnet Family

Visit our Families homes... Visit our Clients Homes


Shared Hosting Packages
Personal Business
Use your own Domain Name or one of ours for Free <http://you.whipnetworks.com> Use your own Domain Name or one of ours for Free <http://you.whipnetworks.com>
40mb Web Space 400mb Web Space
5 E-Mail Accounts 200 E-Mail Accounts
Unlimited E-mail Forwarding to your ISP Unlimited E-mail Forwarding to your ISP
Daily Backups Daily Backups
UPS Backup UPS Backup
24/7 Network Monitoring 24/7 Network Monitoring
FTP Access
FrontPage Extensions
Personal Hosting

Personal Package


3 Month Price** - $30 Setup $12.95
6 Month Price** - $30 Setup $11.95
12 Month Price** - (Free Setup) $9.95
24 Month Price** - (Free Setup) $7.95

** Prices listed are monthly prices. Full payment due at start of service.

What you get:

Use your own Domain Name or one of ours for Free.
40mb Web Space.
5 E-Mail Accounts. Browser Based Worldwide Access. POP3 services.
Mail is scanned and filtered for spam and viruses at no additional cost to you.)
Unlimited E-mail Forwarding to your ISP.
Daily Backups.
UPS Backup.
24/7 Network Monitoring.


Business Hosting Packages

Business Package


Quarterly Billing** - $30 Setup


Yearly Billing** - (Free Setup)


2 YR Billing** - (Free Setup)


** Prices listed are monthly prices. Full payment due at start of service.

What you get:

Use your own Domain Name or one of ours for Free.
400mb Web Space.
200 E-Mail Accounts. First 25 setup Free. Browser Based Worldwide Access. POP3 services. (mail is scanned and filtered for spam and viruses at no additional cost to you.)
Unlimited E-mail Forwarding to your ISP.
FTP Access.
CGI-BIN (Script source access)
FrontPage Extensions 2000/2002
Daily Backups.
UPS Backup.
24/7 Network Monitoring.

Email Hosting Only : 500 Mail Accounts. First 50 setup Free. Browser Based Worldwide Access. POP3 Services. (mail is scanned and filtered for spam and viruses at no additional cost to you.) Unlimited E-mail Forwarding to your ISP.


Search Engine / Meta Tag services


Meta-Tag Optimization:

There are many ways search engines find and classify your web site:
1 is Meta-Tags that Search Engine spiders crawl and classify.
2 is a properly configured 'ROBOTS.txt' file.
3 is Click Popularity Algorithms.
And there are many more...

Meta-tags are what search engines use to classify and list your web site.
These are descriptions and keywords "under the hood" of your pages.
These keywords are used when people search the web.

Some major search engines still use a "robots.txt" for indexing web
pages. Missing this or having an improperly configured file can cost
you ranking and potential loss of traffic.

Click popularity - An overwhelming number of webmasters and search engine marketers ignore or miss the importance of click tracking technologies, and thus miss out on the search engines that use the technology as part of their algorithms. The reason one needs to watch these tools, and map a strategy for dealing with them is simple. They provide data to other engines, and more importantly, their data is used in ranking algorithms. Thus, dealing with them should be part of your search engine optimization strategy.

What worked 10 years ago, does NOT today. Search engines are very smart now and not easily fooled. Whipnet researches search engines technology on a continuing bases and understands their changes and most importantly what they like.

Search Engine Submittal

If you have a product, service or message you would like to send to the
millions of people on the Internet, you have a number of options. Firstly,
you can submit your site to the 1,000+ Search Engines where you spend
hours posting your links and then wait weeks before your link is activated.
Secondly, you can submit your site to the 2,000+ Classified Advertisement
Sites where you can again spend several hours posting your links and still
seeing your site listed low, or not at all.
Yes, there is a Third option:

Let Whipnet Technologies do this for you!

Please contact us today for a free analysis of your web site.

Web Site Design


Regardless if you are looking for a simple static web presence for your small business or a dynamic Flash intranet, Whipnet will guide you from start to finish.
Listening to your wants and needs, seeing your vision realized.

A Website and Your Business.

As a business owner, you are always trying to find ways to help make your business grow. Perhaps, you have installed new a sign over the front door, you advertise in your local "YELLOW PAGES" directory.

Well, think of a website as an extension of all of those, but with 100 times the result. A website can inform and sell for you so much more, than an in column ad. But don't abandon your sign or cancel your ads in the directory...

A web address is just as important as Your Phone Number

Link all your advertising together by adding your web address. In fact, you should put it everywhere you have your business phone number. A web address today is as important to your business as your phone number. It gives your customers another way to get in touch with you, and you to offer information with solutions to their problem.

World Wide Web can be local

What is the main concept of your sign and advertising? They bring in local customers. Why wouldn't a local client look you up on the Internet? A web site can and will bring you more customers at 1/10th the price.

More and more of your future customers are turning to the Internet seeking more information on line. Your website will be more informative to your customer than what your ad ever will reflect. The question is... will they find you on Google, Yahoo and other engines? If your not there, you can bet your competition is!

Everyday, local businesses are coming online. Maybe you should be there when they look for businesses that offer the product or services that you can provide. WhipNet Web Design can provide your business with an affordable small business web design.


Virus Removal Virus Removal


It is estimated that 1 in 5 computers is infected with some kind of virus or trojan.

It is important that all PC's have protection against viruses. Many computers running anti-virus software become infected because they are not regularly updated. An out of date virus checker offers no protection against the average 3 new viruses or trojans released daily.

If you suspect that you may have a virus on your computer and you have virus protection software installed, we suggest you update your virus definitions and run a full scan (All Files with no exclusions) on your hard drive(s) and network.

If you are not sure how to do this, or prefer a professional to check over your system, WhipNet offers professional virus removal and protection services.

A technician will come to your location, remove the infection, and restore any system files that were damaged by the virus. In addition, we will also offer to update your virus protection to the most current available along with configuring your computer for maximum security.

We use the Professional Virus Cleaning version of Symantec Norton Antivirus and MacAfee to scan and remove all currently identified viruses from infected computers.


Hardware Installations

Upgrading or expanding your computer is one of the easiest, and most economical ways to stretch your technical dollar.

However, installation of hardware should not be attempted by the novice user.  Most tech centers and superstores will gladly install your hardware for a fee, but you must bring your machine to them and most prices start at around $80 per hour.

These same centers will be happy to sell you hardware for your computer, if you can find someone to help you.

WhipNet is what every business large or small or home user has been looking for.  We offer free pickup at your home or office and hardware installations at reasonable flat rates.

Whether you have already purchased your hardware, or are looking for expert advice, WhipNet can help. We offer friendly and experienced professionals to install your hardware, assist in selection, check compatibility with your current computer, and troubleshoot a failed install.

Larger businesses looking for complete network and desktop rollouts, look no further.

Newer computer hardware and software runs amazingly fast and rarely crashes anymore.  If your computers are more than 3-4 years old, you should think about investing in some newer models.

The current "middle of the road" PC configurations are 2.0 gigahertz machines (five times faster than the Pentium 400 megahertz machines from not so long ago).  New brand name PCs can be found for around $650 and nice, large 19 inch monitors are around $250. 

Add software and you have a fair amount of money, but consider how much more productive and profitable you are because you are using computer technology.  Many companies work on a three or four year replacement cycle, and structure equipment financing to support that cycle.  Every year one-third or one-fourth of the PCs in the company will be replaced with current technology.  Equipment leases can help make technology affordable.

WhipNet will help define a "standard" PC configuration for your company and work out a timeline for purchasing the new equipment and swapping the PCs.  The equipment will be set-up and installed with the least amount of disruption possible.

New equipment rollouts are also a good time to look at setting up a secure file server and internet connectivity to enhance productivity even more.  Perhaps it would also be a good time for some software skills training for your staff. 

We will help you come up with a technology renewal plan that works for your budget and your needs.


Software Installations Software Installations


WhipNet, specializes in helping our clients improve their software development environments through the effective use of software configuration management.

We have a great deal of experience in helping companies deal with the many technical and cultural issues that come with introducing change.

We work on bringing the two together in the most efficient manner and ensure that everyone is trained and has an understanding of what that process is.
WhipNet provides consulting expertise in all areas software.  Each of our consultants is trained and experienced in a variety of disciplines and tools which enables us to assist our clients with a customized solution based on industry best practices.

As organizations implement more complex software such as document and relationship management programs, they are called upon to make key design decisions about those programs before they've ever installed and used them. In order to make these decisions effectively, preliminary training and education must be presented to the decision-makers, explaining not only key features of each program, but also the possible consequences and implications of each decision. We work with integrators, internal IT professionals, and internal focus groups of representative users to help make the design decisions that ensure a program's success within the firm.

Custom Design Network Builds


If the future belongs to the informed, then businesses best positioned to maximize their opportunities must devise ways to get the right information, to the right people, at the right time. Such is the focus in the marketplace today with companies improving existing networks and others establishing new networks to provide the competitive edge.

Whipnet has been a major participant working with prospects and clients seeking cutting edge solutions to meet the growing demands for information distribution. From LAN based systems supporting smaller businesses to educational facilities building desktop networks, Whipnet has contributed winning designs capturing today's needs while supporting tomorrow's demands. Whipnet' computer assisted designs outline the details of network topology and the best approaches for error free installation.

Coupled with design elements, Whipnet supports complete systems installations from product selection to final testing and implementation services. LAN rollouts are supported whether local or national in scope. Included are system burn-in, on-site install and LAN/WAN certification together with training for on-site personnel. Physical infrastructures are fully supported from premise component installation to the cabling of complete company facilities. Whipnet' experienced personnel are available for a wide range of project requirements.


Business Consultations Business Consultations


At WhipNet, we are business consultants with a singular focus: the enduring success of your enterprise.  Through our unique expertise, wealth of business experience and advanced IT solutions, we can help you Acquire, Retain and Grow your customer base.  The results? Your ability to consistently, efficiently outflank the competition, even in today's most demanding business arenas.

Solutions from WhipNet take on many forms, and address a wide range of business functions.  Yet, they all have something in common: every solution we offer is designed to help enterprises profitably grow, even in the face of today's most formidable business challenges.  What's more, WhipNet experts have proven, again and again, the effectiveness of our solutions across a wide range of industries.

We give advice on technology related issues and offer our expertise to your business regarding how it can best benefit your company. We serve on several technology committees for local businesses as consultants to help oversee their technological development and growth.  We assist you in developing maintenance schedules, evaluating hardware and software for purchase, setting up backup and disaster recovery plans and implement rollouts and migrations.


More Information


Here at Whipnet Technologies, we have a different approach to Customer Care.

How often do you find yourself calling your computer company only to hang up with no solution, or wondering if a real person even works there or not?

We understand that your business consumes your time. You shouldn't have to obtain a degree in computer science, or hire an IT staff to fullfill your simple computer and network needs.

Simple web presence or home network..

Highend Intranet / Extranet or Heavy Infrastructure..

Your needs are covered with Whipnet.

Please click on our services for more information.


Updated on November 30, 2011


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